Treatment Schedule

Pre Consultation

  • A symptom questionnaire will be emailed to you to help me determine if BHRT is likely to be beneficial for you.
  • Please ensure your smear is also up to date.

Step 1: Initial consultation
(1 hour - Free of Charge )

  • A detailed medical history and review of symptoms and examination (if necessary)
  • Choose the appropriate blood profile required depending on your symptoms:
    • Peri/Menopause hormone profile: £180
    • PMS hormone profile: £60
    • Male hormone profile: £ 180
  • I will give you a blood pack, where you can have your bloods taken at The Bridge Clinic Maidenhead for a charge of £10 which you pay the clinic directly.
  • A baseline pelvic ultrasound scan is required pre-treatment for £99 which you pay the ultrasound clinic directly. This is then repeated at 6 months and then annually for £79. They have various locations, the nearest is 10 minutes away.

Step 2: Followup appointment (30 mins): £100

  • 1 week post initial consultation
  • Formulation of an individualised treatment plan of BHRT and lifestyle/dietary advice also.
  • Explanation of your blood results
  • Prescription issued and sent to Specialist Pharmacy. You can then ring and pay the pharmacy directly which includes postage and packaging fees within 72 hrs.
  • Specialist pharmacy charge approx. £95-115 for a 3 month prescription of BHRT which works out £1-3 per day for treatment. It is valid for 12 months from date of issue.
  • I will ensure enough BHRT cream is prescribed in between appointments, however if additional prescriptions are required outside normal prescribing there is a £25 charge.

Step 3: Treatment reviews in first year (30 mins): £100

  • A 6 week face to face review to check response to BHRT
  • 12 weeks (I’m happy to offer an email/telephone review follow up for free)
  • 6 months face to face + repeat bloods recommended at this point as well as a Pelvic Scan
  • 1 year face to face review and repeat Pelvic ultrasound scan. 

Ongoing Reviews
(30 mins) : £100​

  • I recommend 6 monthly clinic reviews ongoing.
  • Bloods and pelvic scans are recommended at least annually or sooner if there is a change in your symptoms
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