Frequently Asked Questions

Where does BHRT come from?

BHRT is converted from plant sources (diogesin from wild yam or betasitosterol form soya beans). It is manufactured into micronised powder form and are available in cream or oral forms. It was discovered in the 1940’s.

Are all the hormones you prescribe natural?

The hormones themselves are from natural plant sources and the chemical and molecular structure of the hormones is the same as that of the naturally occurring hormones produced by your glands.

Do I have to be on treatment for life?

No, BHRT is individually tailored, the decision to stay on treatment of complete treatment will be between us. If you are finding continued treatment beneficial and your life has improved then we are often happy for you to stay on treatment with continued monitoring.

How quickly does treatment work?

Treatment is often surprisingly quick, but generally results are seen within 3-6 weeks. Sometimes if symptoms are severe it could take 3-4 months for desired improvement.

Why did my doctor not tell me about this treatment?

Most doctors aren’t familiar with BHRT and some doctors don’t recognise hormonal imbalances as a disease. Often pharmaceutical companies conduct doctors further education and as BHRT cant be sold over the counter or is provided within the NHS it remains off the radar. Usually doctors learn about BHRT from patients!
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